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At Culligan, we’re committed to enhancing the water quality in your home, ensuring that you and your family have access to clean, great-tasting water every day. Our comprehensive service is designed to meet your specific needs and supports our range of home water solutions.

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We take care of everything for you.
Culligan's installation specialists ensure a seamless setup of your water product or system, no matter the size we manage jobs big or small.
We offer regular maintenance, including filter replacements and sanitisation, to keep your system running smoothly.
Contact our customer support for prompt issue resolution or machine replacement.​
Expert advice
Get tailored, no-obligation guidance from our experts to find the perfect water solution for your home.

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    Why choose Culligan?

    Choose Culligan for your home because we bring decades of expertise to your doorstep.

    Our commitment to superior water quality, unmatched service, and sustainable solutions ensures that your family enjoys the benefits of clean, great-tasting water every day.

    With Culligan, you’re not just investing in a water system; you’re investing in a healthier, happier home.

    Our tailored service packages, provided by our experts

    Explore our services tailored to match the specifications of our products.

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    Water cooler service & maintenance

    Ready to rent your home water cooler with us?

    We offer a comprehensive, hassle-free service that covers everything. Our service includes professional installation, continuous maintenance, filter replacements, and responsive callouts for any issues you may encounter.

    Additionally, we prioritise the cleanliness and safety of your machine by providing regular sanitisation.

    Count on us not only for reliable service but also for expert guidance, whether it’s selecting the optimal location for your machine, ensuring proximity to a mains water source, or providing necessary pipework adjustments when needed.

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    Water softener service

    Our professional service for home water softeners is designed with your convenience in mind. From expert installation to regular maintenance, filter replacements, and responsive support for any issues, we’ve got you covered.

    Trust us to keep your water softener operating at its peak, ensuring that you and your family experience the benefits of silky-smooth water every day.

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    Our service for water filtration systems

    Our service for home Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems is designed to deliver exceptional water quality directly to your tap.

    Our expert technicians handle every aspect of your system’s care. They begin with a full installation to ensure optimal performance. Then, through regular maintenance visits, they inspect and clean the system, replacing filters as needed.

    Should you encounter any issues, our responsive support team is just a call away, ready to provide quick solutions to keep your system up-and-running.

    Certifications and Accreditations

    We are proud to hold the following certifications and accreditations.