Coffee is universally loved, and for good reason. Whether it’s a relaxed morning latte or a quick afternoon espresso, we rely on coffee to enhance our mood, re-energize our weary minds, and experience a variety of tastes and aromas. The Caffee Society reports that an average person drinks 676 cups yearly, equating to a coffee… Continue reading Maximizing Your Coffee’s Potential with High-Quality Water Filter

Reusing treated wastewater has become increasingly important in addressing water scarcity issues, especially in regions with high water demand and limited natural resources. It relieves pressure on conventional water sources and cuts costs for desalination while offering environmental advantages like lower emissions and water pollution. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, comprising Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman,… Continue reading Significance of Wastewater Recycling and Reusing in the Gulf Region

Access to safe, clean water is a basic human need. Yet, this need is yet to be entirely met in many areas of the world, including Gulf countries. Many Gulf countries are in arid regions, where water scarcity remains challenging. This creates significant challenges for health centres where hemodialysis patients require large amounts of clean… Continue reading Recycled Hemodialyzers Transform Water Purification Quality & Public Health in Gulf Countries

Despite its opulent lifestyle and iconic landmarks, the UAE also grapples with a severe water scarcity crisis due to its arid climate and scarce natural water resources. With the unprecedented growth in population and increases in demand for water, the UAE is seeking groundbreaking solutions to tackle this pressing water scarcity problem. According to the… Continue reading Rethinking Wastewater as a Resource: The Solution to the UAE’s Water Scarcity

It is one of life’s ironies that those with easy access to water do not drink enough of something which is so crucial to health, and yet so elusive to huge swathes of the world’s population.

The role of the World Health Organisation has been heavily underlined by the Covid-19 crisis, and WHO guidelines on protection against Legionella are now under the spotlight in the Gulf region.

Restaurants across the Gulf region rely on Culligan water solutions to make food taste great, and ensure customers keep coming back for more.

Having good tasting coffee on the menu has become as important for restaurants as the food they serve, and Culligan plays a key role in keeping customers satisfied.