Innovations in Drinking Water: Exploring Purezza’s Filtration Technology

November 4, 2023

Water is the essence of life, and its purity and taste matter more than ever in a world increasingly focused on health and sustainability. Purezza, a global leader in dispensing solutions, is revolutionizing how we access clean and delicious drinking water. With a mission to replace single-use plastic bottles and provide premium, sustainable hydration solutions, Purezza is transforming the hospitality industry. Let’s delve into their cutting-edge filtration technology that makes it all possible.

The Purezza Promise

Purezza’s primary objective is to offer a modern, eco-friendly alternative to bottled water. They provide venues in Europe, the USA, and Australia, as well as globally through Culligan, with the tools to serve local water sources in a healthier, cleaner, and more cost-effective manner. With their commitment to removing 30 million single-use bottles annually, Purezza is setting new sustainability standards for the hospitality industry.

Catering to HoReCa

Exclusively catering to the hospitality sector, Purezza offers a diverse range of freshly dispensed water options, including sparkling, still, ambient, or chilled water. The key to their success is serving these options in custom reusable Purezza bottles, meeting the demand for the freshest, tastiest, and ice-cold water that patrons and guest’s desire.

The Technology Behind the Taste

At Purezza, water quality and taste are of paramount importance. They achieve this with the latest filtration technology, designed explicitly for high-flow beverage applications. The P2 FirewallTM Bar Classe Series dispenser features FirewallTM purification technology, eliminating up to 99.9999% of bacteria. Remarkably, this technology has also been independently tested and proven to be 99.999% effective in eliminating COVID-19 from drinking water.

Beyond Bacteria: Filtration Excellence

Purezza’s filtration technology goes beyond bacteria elimination. Their proprietary FibredyneTM II filtration media effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria on the filter media, ensuring longevity. This advanced system addresses a range of water quality concerns:

· Taste & Odor Reduction: Say goodbye to unpleasant tastes and odours in your water.

· Scale Control: Prevent the buildup of mineral deposits that can damage equipment.

· Chemical & Impurity Reduction: Remove harmful chemicals and impurities for safer drinking water.

· Submicron Technology: Reduce dirt and particles as small as 1/2 microns in size, eliminating health contaminants like Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts.

· Improved Beverage Quality: Enhance the taste of fountain beverages and preserve their carbonation.

· Mineral Retention: While removing impurities, Purezza’s filtration technology ensures essential minerals are retained in the water.

Purezza’s commitment to innovation and sustainability sets them apart in drinking water solutions. Their advanced filtration technology ensures the safety of drinking water and a premium taste that patrons and guests will appreciate. In a world striving for cleaner, more sustainable water options, Purezza is leading the way. By choosing Purezza, businesses are positively impacting both their bottom line and the environment, all while delivering a superior water experience to their customers.

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