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Water hasn’t changed much over the years, but the way we bring it to homes and offices is always evolving. As a longtime leader in innovative water treatment technology and service, we continue to develop more intuitive, intelligent and sustainable ways to make sure people across the globe get the high-quality water they deserve, where and when they need it.

Good Enough? Never.

Good Enough? Never.

Since our start, we’ve been developing and evolving methods for cleaning, softening, and delivering water that have changed the world for the better. But we’re not resting on our accomplishments.

Our innovation pipeline is always running, with more than 60 new products launched globally in the past two years alone. We’re also investing in data, technologies and IoT-enabled products to help us provide even better, more innovative and transformational service and solutions for consumers.


Connected Devices

An ecosystem of intelligent and adaptable water management solutions for the home.


Data-driven Systems

Real-time water analytics, proactive and predictive service capabilities.


Sensor Technology

Contactless solutions, advanced anti-microbial and anti-bacterial surface coatings, and sanitization.


Better Water, Better Life

Reinventing the way consumers think about and consume water at home, in the office and on the go.

A History Of Innovation


Oasis launched the first electric refrigerated water cooler in 1911.


Emmett Culligan designed Culligan’s first home-owned softener, the Faucet Water Softener, in 1936.


In 1954, Oasis designed the first hot and cold water dispenser.


Culligan debuted Aqua 1, its first small household reverse osmosis water system, in 1965.


Zip launched the world’s first instant boiling water dispenser in 1975.


Culligan Italy introduced the first two-step reverse osmosis system into hospitals for dialysis in 1987.


In 1988, Harvey introduced its revolutionary under-sink softener, the first compact, twin-cylinder, non-electric water softener.


Harvey invented small, 4 kg blocks of salt for its water softeners in 1993, replacing unwieldy bags of tablet salt in a unique and convenient way.


Quench pioneered the use of ozone, a highly effective and energy-efficient method, to disinfect bottle-free water coolers without the use of chemicals in 1999.


ZeroWater grew from a local seller of one-of-kind, 5-stage ion-exchange filters to a national brand offering the only water pitcher that removes all measurable dissolved solids.


In 2010, Culligan launched the high-efficiency water softener, the most efficient water softener in the world. This pioneering solution uses less energy, water and salt than any other softener.


In 2012, Zip debuted the HydroTap, delivering instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water from a single tap.


In 2015, Blupura introduced BLUSODA, the first environmentally friendly water cooler. While other coolers use greenhouse gases, BLUSODA uses the Natural Gas R290, which is more efficient and has zero impact on global warming.


Culligan launched the ClearLink PRO™, the only device that lets consumers enjoy reverse osmosis water right from their existing kitchen tap, in 2016.


In 2019, Quench introduced mercury-free, energy-efficient LED UV for in-tank sanitization. The company also launched quenchWATER+, a package that bundles water cooler and filtration with full service and financing.


Harvey launched the Harvey Arc, an environmentally friendly water softener made from recycled materials, in 2020. The small, twin-cylinder design uses 38% less plastic and is made of 62% recycled plastic.


Blupura launched BLU2GO in 2020. It’s the world’s first vending machine that lets consumers purchase four types of water, including sparkling, to fill their own bottles. The machine also sells cups, water bottles and a water bottle sanitization service.


In 2020, Quench, BluPura and Oasis launched no-touch, sensor-activated coolers that allow the dispensing of cold or hot water without pressing a button.