Hydration solutions for the hospitality sector

Keep customers and guests hydrated with Culligan’s stylish, high-capacity water dispensers. We have the perfect solution for hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and catering events.

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Purified, high-volume water for hospitality

Discover our expertise in delivering top-quality water solutions for the hospitality industry, ensuring your guests have the purest, safest, best-tasting water.

Culligan Product
High-capacity dispensers

Our high-capacity machines guarantee a steady supply of water for all your guests’ needs. Supply your restaurant, café, or bar with our high-volume coolers, designed to efficiently dispense large quantities of premium quality filtered water.

Culligan Product
Water quality and hygiene

Experience the world’s most certified water purification technology, Firewall®, guaranteeing your guest’s safe hydration. With added BioCote® antimicrobial protection, contactless solutions, and expert service, find peace of mind for your events.

Culligan Product
Still and sparkling

Reward your guests with a range of drinking water options, including refreshing chilled and sparkling filtered water. Experience the convenience of our user-friendly full-colour LCD displays, making water dispensing easy.

Our range of water dispensers
for the hospitality industry

Hydration solutions tailored to your hospitality needs. From chilled to sparkling,
freestanding to countertop, we’ve got you covered.

CH2 Firewall® Classe Series
  • Microbiologically purified water
  • Durable design for high usage
  • For demanding environments
Selfizz NEO Mains-fed Water Cooler
  • User-friendly and sustainable purified water
  • Distinctive, elegant and inspired by nature
  • Fully designed and made with care in Italy
Selfizz NEO Countertop Mains-fed Water Cooler
  • User-friendly and sustainable purified water
  • Distinctive, elegant and inspired by nature
  • Fully designed and made with care in Italy
Aquabar MT 80 Mains-fed Water Cooler
  • 30 L/h dispensing capacity
  • Tailored to any business size
  • Allows fast bottle & carafe filling
Aquabar Easy 150 Mains-fed Water Cooler
  • Ideal for self-service areas, cafés & canteens
  • Essential but highlyfunctional design
  • Reliable dispensing performance & ease of use
Aquabar Box 60 Under-the-Counter Water Unit
  • Designed for offices and hospitality environments
  • 60 L/h cooliing capacity
  • Made with high-quality materials
Perfect for hospitality

Purified high-volume water machines for HORECA.

Innovative products

Providing reliable performance and durability.

Hassle-free service

Installation, maintenance, and aftercare for your peace of mind.

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    Why choose Culligan hospitality water solutions?


    The sustainable choice

    Culligan is dedicated to reducing the use of single-use plastic in the hospitality sector. Our range of water coolers are designed to eradicate the reliance on plastic water bottles.

    By opting for our sustainable solutions, you can actively contribute to reducing plastic waste while providing convenient and eco-friendly hydration options for your guests.

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    Unlimited supply

    Our dispensers are built to handle heavy traffic, offering cold, ambient, hot, and sparkling options. Your guests can refill bottles and glasses conveniently and enjoy a steady supply of great-tasting water, anytime, anyplace.

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    The safest, purest water

    Experience Culligan’s Firewall® UVC technology, eliminating up to 99.9999% pathogens. BioCote® with silver ions prevents surface microbes, while carbon filtration ensures crystal-clear, great-tasting water for your guests by removing impurities.

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    More choice

    Our stylish freestanding and countertop water coolers offer quality and functionality without sacrificing space.

    With up to five water types on many of our dispensers, including chilled, hot, and sparkling options, keeping your guests hydrated with their preferred choice of water has never been easier.

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    Rent or Buy? The choice is yours.

    We offer flexible purchase options to suit you​


    • Hassle-free installation by specialist engineers
    • Fixed monthly costs and flexible contracts
    • Ongoing maintenance for reliable performance
    • Dedicated account manager and engineers available on demand


    • One-time cost for complete ownership
    • Service cover option available for your peace of mind
    • Flexibility to use product to suit your needs
    • Installation service available by hydration specialists

    The Aquabar range

    High-volume water supply and consistent performance

    The Aquabar range is designed to help HORECA businesses offer their guests, clients, and employees, high-quality water whilst helping reduce their carbon footprint.

    Our solutions deliver freshly filtered water directly to customers’ premises, providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative.

    Watch our video to learn more about this specialist range of dispensers for HORECA.

    View the Aquabar dispenser
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    Reduce single-use plastic

    Culligan is dedicated to creating a future that is free from plastic waste and embraces energy efficiency.

    Our products have already contributed to reducing the use of 40 billion single-use plastic bottles worldwide. Each installation of our bottle-free systems saves 1,440 bottles from landfill.

    Choose a Culligan mains-fed water cooler for eco-friendly hydration. Together, let’s make a positive impact on the environment.

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    Unrivalled purification

    Introducing Culligan’s patented Firewall® UVC technology. Purifying water from source to dispense point, neutralising waterborne microbes, and blocking harmful pathogens.

    The most effective and efficient solution to keep the drinking water dispensed to your guests safe.

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