Gifting the World Better Water
Our Mission

Our Mission

To inspire and transform the health and wellness of people globally. We are committed to providing cleaner water, impacting the environment, and being the best.



Culligan’s emphasis on creating a cleaner, healthier world for all serves as the brand’s purpose. With a renewed dedication to providing consistent, high-quality water, we have recommitted to offer services that go beyond expectations.

Our Values

Our Commitments


At Culligan, we recognize and respect our responsibilities towards safeguarding the health and the environment of everyone. Our brand understands and is committed to the protection of natural resources for the future of our community.

Culligan strives to set new sustainable standards within the industry through the reduction of single-use plastics.In line with the brand’s strategy to reduce single-use plastic within the operations, Culligan has come up with sustainable systems. Our operation and supply chain are running a process of using filtered and purified while reducing the use of plastic water solutions.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are the core of our values. At Culligan, we are committed to an all-inclusive workforce that embraces different backgrounds, ethnicities, gender, and viewpoints. Understanding and respecting the perspective of all drive our efficiency. And we will always strive to give back to the global community.

Encouraging Healthier & Happier Lives

Culligan focuses its efforts in the community of enabling healthier lives of everyone all over the world, on preserving the environment’s natural resources for future generations, with special emphasis on water. As a global water supplier, we promote filtered drinking water, raise awareness on water quality at the source, and freshwater conservation.

Enabling Responsible Business Conduct

Culligan’s sustainability-centric approach in all operations has a particular emphasis on acting with responsibility. Our ethically conscious practices have pioneered the concept of responsible conduct and embedded sustainable practices through respectful actions.

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