Rethinking Wastewater as a Resource: The Solution to the UAE’s Water Scarcity

March 18, 2023

Despite its opulent lifestyle and iconic landmarks, the UAE also grapples with a severe water scarcity crisis due to its arid climate and scarce natural water resources. With the unprecedented growth in population and increases in demand for water, the UAE is seeking groundbreaking solutions to tackle this pressing water scarcity problem. According to the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, 72% of the water used in the UAE is derived from groundwater, 21% from desalination and 7% from treated water (Leijen, Majorie van. UAE’s water problem: why waste, waste water? emirates247, 2012).

To address the challenges of water scarcity and secure the country’s water future, the UAE launched the Water Security Strategy 2036 (Water Security Strategy 2036., 2021). This comprehensive plan focuses on improving water quality, reducing waste, promoting water conservation, and increasing the use of treated wastewater for non-potable applications. Understanding the potential of wastewater recycling, the UAE is taking significant strides towards implementing this practice in its water management strategy.

1. From Waste to Resource

One of the significant benefits of wastewater reuse is that it provides a trusted and consistent water source that is not liable to weather conditions. As a result, the wastewater is available all year and used for supplementing water demands during periods of low rainfall. Moreover, the treated wastewater is of the highest quality and is customized to meet specific water requirements. The UAE actively explores using treated wastewater for irrigation, landscaping, and other non-potable applications.

2. Making Every Drop Count

The UAE has taken a significant step in adopting wastewater reuse as its water management strategy. The country has adopted advanced wastewater treatment technologies, including treatment plants and extensive networks of pipelines and storage facilities for non-potable uses. The government has also launched several campaigns to promote the use of treated wastewater in agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

3. Quality Standards and Regulations

One of the primary concerns of wastewater recycling is to ensure that it meets stringent quality standards. The UAE has addressed these concerns by implementing strict

regulations and standards for wastewater treatment to ensure that the treated wastewater meets standard quality criteria before its put to use for non-potable applications.

In summary, wastewater reuse presents a promising solution to address water scarcity in the UAE and other regions. Culligan, a water treatment services provider, uses smart solutions to address the problem. They’re committed to making a difference with eco-friendly wastewater treatments. Their systems provide wastewater recycling from swimming pools, cooling towers, RO reject water, and more for irrigation, flushing, and other industrial purposes. They take pride in implementing the most sustainable practices for all our water solutions.

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