Commercial & Industrial water treatment solutions

Comprehensive water treatment solutions tailored for commercial and industrial applications, ensuring optimal water quality and efficiency.


Culligan’s versatile solutions for businesses​

From softening to specialised membrane solutions, learn more about our tailored, multi-unit, and cost-effective water treatment solutions for enhanced productivity and purity.


Water softeners

Culligan offers water softeners designed to remove calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from water, preventing scale buildup and improving water quality for commercial and industrial applications.



Culligan Clearscale Water Conditioners offer eco-friendly, low-maintenance solutions for hard water scaling. They don't use chemicals or salt, reducing environmental impact. Easy to install and compact, they save space and water. Choose Culligan for clean, soft water with minimal environmental footprint.


Water softening and brine reclaim

Culligan's water softening systems incorporate brine reclaim technology to minimise wastewater generation and enhance efficiency, ensuring sustainable water treatment solutions for businesses.


Ion exchange systems

Culligan's ion exchange systems leverage cutting-edge resin technology to efficiently eliminate contaminants from water.
Trusted for their reliability, these systems consistently deliver superior water quality, meeting stringent standards and enhancing operational efficiency across various sectors.


Reverse osmosis

Culligan's reverse osmosis systems provide high-quality water by removing impurities, bacteria, and dissolved solids through a semi-permeable membrane. From compact G1 systems to specialized SW series for desalination, our RO systems ensure low operating costs and superior water quality. Applications include food & beverage production, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and more.


Filtration and side stream filters

Culligan offers a wide range of filtration technologies, including self-cleaning filters for
equipment protection, cost-effective cartridge systems for micro-filtration, and dynamic separators with no moving parts.

Our side stream filters are self-contained and efficient, available in six models for various flow rates. With in-house manufacturing and patented media, our filters ensure effective water treatment in manufacturing and process industries. They can be standalone or integrated into systems.

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Chemical dosing

With precise chemical dosing systems, Culligan optimises water treatment processes by efficiently introducing chemicals for disinfection, pH adjustment, and other treatment needs, enhancing water quality and safety.


Ultraviolet units

Culligan's ultraviolet units utilise UV technology to disinfect water by deactivating harmful microorganisms, providing an environmentally friendly and chemical-free solution for sterilising water in commercial and industrial settings.


Skidded systems

Culligan offers skidded systems that are pre-engineered and pre-assembled, allowing for easy installation and integration into existing water treatment infrastructure, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for various applications.

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