<span>BioTab7 - A Medical Grade Disinfectant</span>

BioTab7 - A Medical Grade Disinfectant

<span>Complete Cleaning in</br> One Step</span>

Complete Cleaning in
One Step

Discover a versatile antimicrobial solution, Biotab7, introduced by Culligan. A multipurpose disinfectant that is globally certified while effectively killing 99.999% of germs in a quick response time of 60 seconds.

Best All-In-One Disinfectant for Every Industry

Commercial Commercial
Industrial Industrial
Hospitality Hospitality
Healthcare Healthcare
Swimming Pools Swimming Pools
Marine Marine

What Makes BioTab7
an All-Purpose Cleaner?

  • • Effective against all types of pathogens
  • • Leaves no harmful residue behind
  • • Ensures clean water, air, and surface

With Culligan, we work on building a better, more sustainable world by taking positive steps for society
and the environment. Trust every drop, knowing you enjoy cleaner, safer, and better water every day.

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