Advancing the Art of Ice: <span class=Manitowoc’s Foodservice Legacy" title="Advancing the Art of Ice: Manitowoc’s Foodservice Legacy">

Advancing the Art of Ice: Manitowoc’s Foodservice Legacy

Manitowoc® has a stellar reputation for innovative and reliable ice solutions in the foodservice industry, backed by one of the largest ENERGY STAR® portfolios. As America’s leading ice machine brand, they offer a wide variety of ice shapes and production capacities, ranging from 53 lbs. to 3,300 lbs. per day. With options like Half Dice, Dice, Regular, Nugget, Flake, Gourmet, Square, and Large Square, they cater to all your beverage needs, whether it’s soda, hi-balls, tiki drinks, cocktails, or whiskey on the rocks.

A Visual Feast of Ice Shapes

A Visual Feast of Ice Shapes

Half Dice
Large Square
Manitowoc: A Winning Choice

Manitowoc: A Winning Choice


Manitowoc is a responsible manufacturer and industry leader using eco-friendly non-CFC refrigerants. We engage customers, partners, employees, and communities globally. Indigo NXT portfolio uses R410A, %48 lower in global warming potential

Saving Energy & Water

ENERGY STAR-certified commercial ice machines are %15 more energy efficient and %10 more water efficient. Manitowoc stands out as a committed partner, earning the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for 13 years and Sustained Excellence status for 11 years, unmatched by other companies.

AHRI Certified

Manitowoc Ice Machines and D-Bins are AHRI CERTIFIED, validating data based on ASHRAE standards. AHRI rates performance at 90°F ambient temperature and 70°F water temperature, while bin capacity is measured by cubic volume.

Overall Best in Class

For 17 years in a row, Manitowoc has been recognized as the “Overall Best in Class” for Ice Makers by food service equipment dealers and consultants in a survey

Manitowoc’s customized solutions offer more than temporary enhancements, with decades of reliable industry experience. Built to endure food service demands, our products come with a strong support network for consistent assistance at every stage of your business.

Engineered with ease for your convenience.

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