Sip Responsibly: <span class=Choose Sugarcane Water Bottles" title="Sip Responsibly: Choose Sugarcane Water Bottles">

Sip Responsibly: Choose Sugarcane Water Bottles

Culligan has partnered with Join the Pipe; an organization focused on eco-friendly water solutions.
Join the Pipe is about promoting sustainability through innovative water products. With their
eco-friendly water bottles and refill stations, they champion a cleaner, greener future.

In line with this commitment, Join the Pipe’s sugarcane bottles are a big step towards sustainability!
Crafted from renewable sugarcane, not traditional plastics, they reduce carbon emissions and plastic
waste. Embracing these eco-friendly bottles is an impactful way to protect the environment and
contribute to a greener future. Moreover, they are fully recyclable, encouraging responsible
consumption and waste management.

Additionally, they serve as wonderful souvenirs for your guests and can easily be personalized with
your company’s logo.

Be part of the change and join the movement for a healthier planet!

Embracing Sustainability with<br>Sugarcane Water Bottles

Embracing Sustainability with
Sugarcane Water Bottles

Made in the Netherlands
Made from Sugarcane
Cross-Industry Favourite

Cross-Industry Favourite

Sports Clubs
Railway Stations
Nature reserves

At Culligan, we are dedicated to creating a better and more sustainable world by actively taking positive actions for society and the environment.

Take the first step towards sustainability by getting in touch with us today.

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With Culligan, we work on building a better, more sustainable world by taking positive steps for society and the environment. Trust every drop, knowing you enjoy cleaner, safer, and better water every day. Take the first step towards sustainability by getting in touch with us today.

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