Request to return bottles

To encourage sustainability and ensure the efficient use of resources, we are kindly requesting the return of empty water bottles.


We greatly appreciate your continued business and support at this time.

If your question is not answered within the FAQs below, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support team via the form below. A Customer Service team member will be in touch to answer your questions as soon as possible.


Please return any outstanding bottles by the 15th of March 2024 to avoid charges.

We will be applying the bottle charge to un-returned bottles delivered up to and including the 15th of October 2023.

We have compared deliveries of 19L bottles and collections of 19L bottles, and there is a surplus outstanding, this means more bottles have been delivered than collected over that time. We have deducted the average order of bottles as we expect that these bottles are currently in use.

You will be charged £6, subject to VAT, for each un-returned bottle after the 16th of March 2024. If you use Purchase Orders, please provide one to us to reflect the charges. Please send this to [email protected]

You can return the empty bottles when you place your next order via the MyWater Portal or by emailing [email protected] and advising how many bottles you will be returning. If bottles are being returned, please ensure they are accessible for collection. We will also ask for signature at the point of collection to agree how many bottles we are collecting for your records.

Our system will not consolidate these charges in line with your current billing requirements and a separate charge will be issued.

How returning bottles contributes to environmental sustainability and our ESG goals

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Environmental impact

Reduction in waste
Each bottle that is returned and reused results in one less bottle ending up in landfill waste if you have binned this. This significantly reduces waste and the environmental damage associated with it.
Lower carbon footprint
Manufacturing new bottles, especially from raw materials, requires significant energy and resources. By reusing bottles, the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with production are greatly reduced.
Resource conservation
Reusing bottles conserves resources such as water, energy, and raw materials (like plastic or glass) required for producing new bottles. This is crucial in promoting resource efficiency and sustainability.
Reduction in pollution
The process of manufacturing new bottles often involves emissions and pollutants. Reuse minimises these pollutants, contributing to cleaner air and water.
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Governance impact

Compliance with environmental regulations
Many regions are imposing stricter regulations on waste management and recycling. A bottle return and reuse policy helps in complying with these regulations.
Corporate responsibility
Demonstrating a commitment to sustainable practices is a key aspect of corporate social responsibility. It reflects a company’s dedication to ethical and environmentally friendly operations.
Stakeholder confidence
Implementing sustainable practices can enhance a company’s reputation and increase trust among stakeholders, including investors, customers, and employees. This can lead to better engagement and loyalty.
Risk management
By adopting sustainable practices, a company can mitigate risks associated with environmental degradation and regulatory non-compliance.
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Social impact

Community awareness
Implementing and promoting a bottle return policy raises awareness among consumers about the importance of sustainable practices. This educates and encourages a more environmentally responsible behaviour in the community.
Health benefits
By reducing pollution and conserving natural resources, such initiatives contribute to a healthier environment, which is directly beneficial to public health.

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